City Services

Mike Camarena, City Services Director
Phone (559) 562-7102 ext. 4
Fax (559) 562-5748


The Department of City Services mission is to maximize available resources, to ensure courteous and
superior service delivery to all citizens. To promote programs and services that will preserve, yet
enhance the quality of life in the most efficient manner. Employees will strive to serve the community
with a “Spirit of Excellence.”


  • The City Services Department is comprised of the following sub departments;
  • Streets (general maintenance, signage, striping and painting, construction/renovation);
  • Parks (general maintenance and upkeep);
  • Engineering (project development, design, bidding, construction oversight and management,
    both in house and outside consultants);
  • Building/construction oversight (residential, commercial and industrial plan review, permit
    process and inspections);
  • Water Utility (water treatment and distribution systems, training and continuing education of
    licensed operators, public outreach and education of drought issues);
  • Wastewater Utility (wastewater collection, treatment and disposal systems, training and
    continuing education of licensed operators);
  • Storm Drain Utility (collection system and basin general maintenance);
  • Land Application Monitoring (daily site and flow monitoring);
  • Landscape District Maintenance (general maintenance of common area landscape districts);
  • Refuse Service (support service and collaboration with contract services provider);
  • City Facility Maintenance (general building upkeep and maintenance); and
  • Area Board and Committee Representation (Integrated Regional Water Management Board and
    Stakeholders Committee, Consolidated Waste Management Agency, Congestion Management
    Plan Steering Committee, Construction Manager/General Contractor Steering Committee,
    Tulare County Association of Governments Technical Advisory Committee, Tulare County
    Association of Governments Bicycle Advisory Committee).

The City Services Department works collaboratively with the Department of Planning and Economic
Development for commercial and residential developments to conform to current City ordinances and
the latest adopted building codes and standards. The City Services Department works collaboratively
with the Finance Department for collection of fees associated with building permits and private
developments. As well, City Services delves in data compilation from Finance Department computer
systems to ensure accurate information and efficient customer service.