City Manager


Joe Tanner, City Manager

Phone (559) 562-7102 ext. 8012

Fax (559) 562-7100

Juana Espinoza, Interim City Clerk
Phone (559) 562-7102 ext. 8011
Fax (559) 562-7100


The mission of the City Manager is to ensure all departments of the City are operating at optimal
capacity to best serve the residents of the community. Through careful, proper, and professional
administration the office of City Manager seeks to exercise the will of the public represented by the City


The City Manager’s Office is responsible for a variety of administrative tasks and houses the office of the
city clerk. The duty of the City Manager includes:

  • Oversee all department heads as the Executive office of the City;
  • Support City Council;
  • Direct Community Relations; and
  • Coordinate inter-agency activities.