On June 9, 2014 a letter and survey were sent to property owners within Lindsay's Central Business District (CBD) seeking their opinions on whether or not they desired to establish an Historic District within the CBD.  The results of that survey were presented to the city council at a regularly scheduled council meeting on July 8, 2014.  Following a discussion among the city council, staff, and the public present at the meeting, the city council decided to take no action. 

The following links provide the letter sent to CBD property owners explaning the survey, the results of that survey, and an expanded on-line survey, should you desire to participate.  On-line survey results will be reviewed and tabulated monthly.

Letter to CBD Property Owners Explaining the Survey:

Survey Results from CBD Property Owners:

Purpose of the on-line Survey:

The 1989 Lindsay general plan proposed that it would “Establish an historic district for the identification, rehabilitation and maintenance of historic structures and uses” as goal No. 9 for the Central Business District.  The 1989 city council, along with all subsequent city councils considered forming an historic district desirable, but not time-sensitive since there were few new construction projects downtown.

Recent projects have been proposed within the Central Business District that would replace older substandard and/or dilapidated structures with modern construction design and materials, which could potentially change the appearance and form of the Central Business District.  With this development and the potential for future projects downtown, the city feels it prudent to determine if this is the time to establish an historic district. Please see the letter provided in the link above for possible advantages and disadvantages of establishing an historic district.

Click HERE to participate in the on-line survey.